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Planning Center Online Users Rejoice!

It's a well known fact that Planning Center Online is an industry leader when it comes to scheduling your teams, managing your music, and revolutionizing the way you plan your worship services.  Church Community Builder has many strengths and even though it has full scheduling capabilities, the specialized features of Planning Center Online Services means some churches - like yours - will likely maintain two systems.

And that's why we created PCOWire for Church Community Builder!

Welcome to PCOWire

PCOWire is a cloud based software as a service that will automatically syncronize specific CCB Groups to Planning Center Online (Services and People modules).

This is our Phase 1 release.  Phase 2 will include optional two-way sync between each system.  (No ETA for Phase 2 as of yet).

Benefits to You

  • Eliminate manual effort of managing the same information in two different systems
  • Benefit from the powerful 'to the minute' planning capabilities of PCO Services.
  • Have your CCB system be the 'source' of people records, and be confident these records reconcile in both systems.
  • Reduce administration costs for managing duplicate records (and also reduce data entry errors).

Have The Best Of Both Worlds Today!

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$7 / Mth

  • Unlimited access to the PCOWire platform
  • Daily Automatic Syncing to PCO
  • Unlimited Manual Syncing to PCO
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Pay as you go, cancel at anytime
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow safe is our information?

    We do not store any of your CCB member names or email addresses within our system.  Data is passed through PCOWire to PCO on every synchronization.

    We utilize a 2048-bit SSL certificate to encrypt all information transmitted between your browser and our web servers. We use it to keep your account information safe.

  • q-iconIs there a limit on the number of people records can sync?

    There is no limit.  You can synchronize an unlimited number of CCB records to your PCO Services account!

  • q-iconCan PCOWire sync from PCO to CCB?

    We are building PCOWire in stages.  Phase 1 (now available) is a one way sync from CCB to PCO.  Phase 2 (now in development) will include an optional two-way sync, allowing users to sync in either direction.  We estimate release of Phase 2 in July 2018.

  • q-iconIf a person is disabled ("Archived") in PCO, is the person in PCO reactivated when a sync from CCB occurs?

    Yes. Inactive users in PCO will be reactivated if they are active in CCB.

  • q-iconIf a person been deleted from PCO but still in CCB group........Is person added to PCO again?

    Yes. We don’t store data locally. So if the data is not in PCO it will be added.

  • q-iconDoes PCOWire run automatically on a schedule (if so how often) as well as being able to be run manually?

    Yes. Auto sync happens every 24 hrs. If required, manual sync can be done in the dashboard.

  • q-iconWhat happens when contact info in PCO is more current than contact data in Planning Center?

    If the contact data in Planning Center is more current than CCB, it will not be replaced when the sync occurs.

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