Manage Group Serve Events For CCB Groups

Simplify The Signup Process For Group Volunteering Opportunities


Supercharge Your Outreach Process

What It Does

OutreachWire is a WordPress plugin (for websites built on WordPress) that bridges group serve opportunities between your church groups and the organizations seeking group volunteers.

Group serve opportunities are displayed on your website in a grid style layout behind a CCB login form.  A group leader logs in, views the opportunities and can submit an inquiry form expressing interest.  The form is sent to both the company and a church staff member, while also being added to a process queue in CCB.

Group serve postings are easy to manage and update without excessive communication between church staff and sponsoring organizations.


Benefits to Your Church

  • Reduce administration costs
  • Automates multi-direction communications to reduce coordination time
  • Integrates with CCB to utilize Process Queue feature
  • Works within your Church WordPress website

OutreachWire WordPress Plugin

  • Automated email notifications to all parties involved
  • Add interested parties to CCB process queues
  • Easy to manage multiple opportunities in one location
  • Self managed on your own Website (for best branding)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconOur church website is not built on WordPress. Can I use OutreachWire?

    No.  OutreachWire is a WordPress driven application and must be installed on a website running on WordPress.  We may build a cloud based application depending on customer interest.

  • q-iconIs there a limit on the number of of group serve opportunities that can be posted?

    There is no limit.  You can post unlimited opportunities within a grid style layout (2-4 columns).

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