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We Specialize In Applications For Church Community Builder Users

Engage & Equip Volunteers

ServeWire for Church Community Builder helps your congregation identify their gifts, abilities and passions while automatically updating their profile and redirecting them to the best fit volunteer positions.

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Automated Giving Statements

GivingWire is a desktop software for Church Community Builder that generates enhanced giving statements that can help increase donations.  It also includes tax receipt capability for Canadian churches for CRA compliant tax receipts.

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Sync Your CCB Group Members To Your MailChimp Mailing List

EmailWire is a cloud based platform for Church Community Builder that automatically synchronizes your CCB group members with your MailChimp mailing list.

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Sync CCB With Planning Center Online

PCOWire is a cloud based platform for Church Community Builder that automatically synchronizes your Planning Center Online with CCB.

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We Help Leverage Your Ministry And Use Of Church Community Builder

Church Management Systems like Church Community Builder, Fellowship One, and Planning Center Online deliver great "all in one" platforms for managing your church operations.

But no system will meet the needs and expectations of every individual church.  Some will want to use multiple systems in order to optimize specific ministry operations.  This creates inefficiencies - extra processes and data silo's duplicate data entry to maintain these multiple systems.

And that's where we come in.  Ministry Vitals develops integration tools and software applications that streamline the movement of data through multiple systems, effectively reducing cycle times and eliminating unnecessary activities.

The result?  Improved data accuracy, reduced processing time, and better decision making.

We also develop software that make something great, even better.  We extend functionality.  We add features.  We make life simpler... for you and your congregation.


Featured Release:  ServeWire for Church Community Builder

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Dr. Rob Bedard

For years we wondered how a large church like ours could simply assist our people in self-discovering where they are best suited to serve according to their unique mix of passions, abilities and gifts. ServeWire for Community Church Builder was by far the best solution we could find! It’s easy-to-use platform simply guides people step-by-step through a quick survey process that matches them to the serve opportunities best suited for them. ServeWire is serving us very well!

Dr. Rob Bedard - DTh, MA (Leadership & Training), BTh
Leadership Development Pastor

Dr. Rob Bedard, Beulah Alliance Church

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